The King in His Alatskivi Castle Estonia

Day 169 August 2nd 2017 Alatskivi Castle

Within a week we stayed at –

A converted stable at Matsu Guest House

A Fish processing plant at Viinitsu Art Hotel

An Electricity Plant – at Elektra

And now a Castle …

Each had their delights but the Castle was the all round favourite.

After a less than average night – in a family run hotel (not converted from anything) where the family carried out their animated family discussions beside the reception desk. Where their children ran screaming through the hotel. Where the restaurant was open but not open – we had great expectations for our night in a castle where only 4 rooms were provided.

Our expectations at Alatskivi Castle were met and then some.

On arrival and from that moment on we were cared for by Sven Sarki until we left the next day. And what attentive care was given. An introduction to the castle and our room, immediate assistance when we had an issue with our door, attentive dinner service, wine recommendations – as a Sommelier.

Our room was one of four on the first floor of the castle. The room had a small sitting area by the French door window opening out over the front garden of the castle. Alatskivi castle was said to be modelled on Balmoral Castle in Scotland in a 19th century remodel – it originally dates back to the 17th century. A further renovation in the 2,000s maintained as much as possible the original while creating a museum and accommodation.

Unfortunately, we were desperate for clean clothes so our elegant room very quickly looked like a Laundry. Even with our unfortunate decoration it was beautiful and very comfortable. There was quite a reluctance to leave in the morning.

View out our window through floaty curtains

Stairwell to Upstairs Rooms
















We awoke in our castle room amidst castle perfection – crisp blue sky, sun shining, mild breeze floating in our room through floaty curtains and shutter style windows with green perfect lawn outside the window.

Brekky was included and though still recovering from a feast the night before we managed to tuck away a delicious breakfast. For me Estonia is a delight as everywhere seems to have porridge – this was no exception with ancient grain porridge and delicious strawberry coulis accompaniment.

Ceramic Heater in Alatskivi Castle Dining Room

Dinner in the evening was in a magnificent room which had in one corner a tiled heating furnace which is a bit of a fascination of mine – the beauty of something so functional. Large ceramic tiled heaters that not only heated multiple rooms but looked beautiful. Some have also been cooking ovens and even sitting and sleeping areas.

The menu and even the beer have been recreated as much as possible from recipes from the time the castle’s earlier life. Well maybe not Chris’s cheese board but yes his beer and my fish broth. Also my Estonian traditional dessert Kama.


After a wonderful night’s sleep, breakfast and reluctant check out we walked around lake’s perimeter. A perfect day for the walk. Along the way were long tree lined avenues of Linden and Oak planted many years ago. Fields of flowers and the rush lined lake.

Walking around Alatskivi Castle

More Photos from the Castle



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