Day Tripping in Yokohama

Yokohama Japan 16 October 2015

Inspired by the walking tour illustrated by the map from the blog Destination Japan we set after breakfast.We had gone for a western syle breakfast which was probably a mistake as the omelette I got was pretty raw on top.Anyway we set out using the map as a rough guide I have used the photo in collage form to represent the various parts of the walk.

This first collage represents the various aspects of Yokohama that we discovered on our walk.The rise of Yokohama was based around its ability to provide shipping facilities when Japan first opened up to foreign trade in the mid 19th century.It was also a strategic decision because it was far enough away from the then capital.So it continues to be important as a port city,also it boasts the largest Chinatown in Asia.When
you walk out of Chinatown you enter an up market shopping district called Motomachi which in turn leads up to the”Bluff” where you can see the European influence of the architecture in the homes of the merchants that came to live there.

Like a lot of port cities part of the waterfront has been abandoned and then salvaged.In this area we visited the Bank Art Gallery which had an amazing photographic exhibition on.(see photos top and bottom right).Also Yokohama Blue a trendy boutique (photo bottom Left).Also the local government has pitched in as evidenced by a mural campaign depicting the history of the city (centre photo) and the rehabilitation of a large brick warehouse which is an entertainment precinct which some of us attended for Cam's buck's night the night before as it was the venue for the Yokohama Octoberfest.An amazing event complete with 60 year old white guys in lederhosen playing as a band,a European woman in dirndl a Japanese woman also in dirndl whipping the crowd into a frenzy who were first pumping to Obladi Obloodah.Interestingly the big german beer makers were all there and I was able to have a few cheeky heffe weizens.

We then headed for Chinatown a maze of shops temples and a range of restaurants that left us feeling completely overawed and unable to make a decision.We retreated towards the area called Motomachi knowing that we would climb out of the CBD and get a different view of the city.We crossed under a major freeway and over the Nakamura river into another world.

A world of designer brand shops and elegant cafes,one of which we had lunch in-nice coffee and great pastry purportedly Viennese style.We climbed a steep hill into what was obviously an up market residential area of town with houses designed for the wealthy European merchant class with large houses and well kept public and private gardens.We passed by an International School and got a panoramic view of the harbour below before heading back down to designer land.We walked through and headed back into the confusion of Chinatown determined to make a resturant decision.

This time aided by Google Search and Google Maps we ended up at the back door of our chosen destination.We didnt know it was the back door until a helpful concierge from a neighboring building came across the road with a map to assist us. When we told him where we were looking for he pointed outside where we were standing.In we went to the Manchinro Honten and caught the very efficient front of house staff by surprise who fussed over us and got us a table immediately.It was only late afternoon but meal times seem flexible so we were quickly under way with a fine selection of dishes and immaculate service complete with very low key pianist in the background-simply outstanding.


By this time it was dark and the whole area was jumping.We got slighty disoriented working out directions but guided by Google Maps and happy to have our portable wifi we picked up a bottle of plonk and headed for a tiny house.




2 Responses to Day Tripping in Yokohama

  1. Marc Popelier October 29, 2015 at 3:49 am #

    Hello Chris and Mel,

    greetings from Belgium. Thank you for the link to my blog about japan. Great to see you had fun in Yokohama. Your pictures are nice and reflect well the setting.
    Enjoy the good life !

    • MelanieA November 5, 2015 at 11:02 am #

      Our pleasure. Your suggested walk and information gave us a fabulous day in Yokohama.