Exploring Vancouver – Canada Day 3

IMG_0776Day 3. Vancouver and 4/20. 20th April 2015

The list of things we want to do, and ,in Vancouver may prove a little ambitious. We decide we are willing to give it a go!

Vancouver Stanley Park ChrisToday the big event I wanted to see was 4/20’.

Before then – we are on ‘our bikes’! Literally – around Stanley Park

A cycle around Stanley Park, a public park surrounded by water. Named the top park in the world by Trip Advisor last year!

Sustenance for the ride!! Across the road from our apartment was a small Mexican place – Molli Breakfast was a delicious light baguette style bread roll with black beans and cheese. This was of course energy preparation for our cycle ride around Stanley Park.

After breakfast we walked down to the waterfront till we found a bike hire place. After a shaky start – riding on the ‘other’ side of the road.

What a ride it was – many bike paths here are separated from traffic. In Stanley Park there was a separate path for bikes and for pedestrians – and it was one way. Terrific – no chance of running over pedestrians or travelling on the wrong side of the road.

IMG_0788And our first example of “poles”- no longer called Totems! Stanley Park has a group of poles from different nations and different purposes.

The park has a centre of dense forestation with the path around the outside.

An early highlight was a Totem park with a selection of totems from BC and their history.

Statue Girl in A Wetsuit

Statue Girl in A Wetsuit

“Girl in a wetsuit” was a bronze statue – a little reminiscent of the Danish “Little Mermaid”.
The bow of a Japanese commerce ship from early 1800s was a reminder of the early and continued trade and connection with Japan.

Vancouver Stanley Park early Japanese commerce boat head

As we rode around the park we decided on a detour which surprised us by taking us close to where we were staying, and across the river from Granville Island – last nights beer adventure.

Stopped for lunch at a pub on the river, lovely spot in the warm spring air.
Completed the circuit of Stanley Park and after returning the bikes headed up to the gathering for 4/20.

More on 4/20 HERE


Bin941 Tapas Restaurant Opp our Apartment

Bin941 Tapas Restaurant Opp our Apartment

Quickly enough of the city dedicated to marijuana, and after the sports bar experience last night we decided to return to the lovely Bin 941 for dinner. Not disappointed with a cute 2 seater table in the window and delicious Tapas, wine and beer.

Once back at the apartment – what followed was a frustrating hour or so trying to sort out our technology, photos etc. Reminding me of the changes to travel. Hankering for the old days of writing a diary, letters back home and being deliciously out of touch with the world.

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