Unhappily Confined in a Small Steel Tube

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I hate Flying!

Well maybe I should be more specific – I do not like flying – on long flights – in economy – and on Jetstar.

I feel scrunched up, sleepless, grumpy, unable to settle to anything, over-reacting, irrationally hungry.

So why do it?

Cost saving! I need to remind myself –

I remind myself cheap airlines need to cut costs somewhere.

I remind myself cheap flights get us around the world.

I remind myself  Business class is many days of traveling expenses gobbled up for one comfortable flight.

Survival tips

So it budget airlines are a necessary evil how do you survive them? This time – not very well.  We did have some mitigating strategies:

We booked 2 aisle seats. It meant weren’t sitting together but we could move around more easily and stretch out into the aisle. There was also a faint hope we might have an empty seat between us!

I took a bunch of writing that needed concentration – but not too much.

Filled up with heaps of water throughout the flight.

Took fruit and nuts and other good food for middle of night munching.

Our plot to get two aisle seats down the back and hope no-one sat in the middle failed but 2 aisle seats still worked better than one of us being in the middle.

Lessons For Next Time:

  • Try not to fly through the night
  • Shorter hops where possible.
  • Stopovers help
  • Book airlines with a little more service – sometimes the meal and entertainment service helps.
  • If no entertainment is provided load up on audio-books.
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