Nothing is Black and White – Fotografiska Museum

From the Roof of Fotografiska Museet, Stockholm

Day 139 July 3rd 2017

Photos of our visit to Fotografiska Museet

Fotografiska Museet it’s all about photography and we had a lot we wanted to see and learn. This was a much anticipated visit – every rating was a “you gotta go there”.  So on our first rainy, glum day off we went.

So what did we see and learn – well I am not quite sure what happened but the relations as we headed towards the museum were not exactly in sync – we were a bit rainy glum ourselves – so we decided to set a time to view independently and meet in 1.5hours. Actually not a bad idea – so we both get to spend time where we felt inclined.

In fact we then met up earlier than planned and avidly discussed what we had seen – then retraced steps to show each other the photographs that had impacted each of us. We extended this discussion while sitting munching a divine herring dish, and sipping NQR lattes in the top floor cafe overlooking the water and Stockholm out front.

What we saw at Fotografiska –

Irving Penn – the favourite exhibition of both of us. With our favourite images being different. One of mine was a photograph of Miles Davis’s hand

One of Chris’s was a photo entitled ‘Rock bands’ – unnamed and Janis Joplin hiding out.

That said – the range and scope of Irving Penn’s photos was incredible. A series of photos where he had allowed people to choose their pose in a corner brought out stunning studies.

Irving Penn Photo – Salvador Dali

Confluence – impacted me, but Chris not so affected.  Photographer collaborated.  Photographs by Michelangelo were enhanced by Tina Berning with a range of art techniques including added lines, ribbons woven through the photos, cutting, sketches, texts and other media.


An exhibition showing the work of an awarding winning Nordic photographer Akseli Valmunen, was entitled The Same New Pet. I tried but whatever the artistic work, I could not stay to view. I was not ready on the day and it just seemed too disturbing – cloning, animals, clinics. Given my reaction it is not possible to even comment on the exhibition.

Like a Horse  exhibition – while I am not too interested in horses I made several visits to this part of the exhibition and some of the images have stayed with me.  I loved the short series of photographs of First Nation (American) people and their relationship with horses – powerful.


‘Then there were crazy images such as the startling “Pin Up Ponies” –

The building itself is also kind of an exhibiton – described on the Fotografiska site  –

“Fotografiska is housed in a former industrial Art Nouveau style building dating back to 1906. Designed by Ferdinand Boberg, the building was used for the customs control of goods and is listed as a building of cultural interest. The original brick facade of the beautiful customs building is intact, while the interior has been renovated to house the museum. The city of Stockholm has funded the 250 million crown restoration costs. Today, the entire 5,500 square meter space is filled with photographs and exhibitions from around the world.”

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