Island Bay. Gwaii Haanas – Canada Day 41

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Day 41 Gwaii Haanas Thursday 28th May 2015

By Mel

Anchored and kayaked in Island Bay, a harbour filled with small islands we could paddle in, out and around. Slight divergence of kayakers initially in the water. Of course men reading maps soon got it sorted and we were collectively away!

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It was a beautiful kayak with lots of nooks and crannies to paddle in and out of including small waterfalls and flotsam and jetsam along the coast. This includes Japanese Tsunami items that have floated across. Apparently recently a boat had been found and traced back to the fisherman in Japan who owned it!


Blog41 walkcombine_imagesThe hike today was billed as major bush-wacking, which included cliff scaling. The reward we were promised was “awesome “views”. Ryan added he had not done this walk before. After expressing our concern that we held the group back we were assured we should all give it a go.

It was challenging but worth it once the final cliffs had been gingerly scaled.

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The view looked out over the harbour and to the islands dotted throughout, behind were mountain ranges and scrappier mountain vegetation.
I blessed James for suggesting I take one pole – an enormous help on the steep ascent and descent.


Blog41 2 skipperBack on the boat Chris did a bit of skippering while Ryan got some dinner organised and I sat in the Skipper’s companion seat. This was usually the domain of Rosie who suffered (and persevered through) seasickness.


Blog41 Eric and PrawnHauled up the prawn traps – a couple in the first trap, 7 in the next trap and a reasonably full trap came up to great cheers.

Prawns in garlic for dinner on the top deck. Heaven!!

Anchored for the night off the Bichoff islands.

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