Hong Kong in a Nutshell

Artwork in Station HKOur Memories of Hong Kong:

  • A woman out walking with her white fluffy dog who had little red shoes on each paw.
  • Shopping divided into sections: We were surrounded by the smell of dried fish from the many dried fish and fin stores around the hotel.
  • The wide angle view of the harbour from our room: skyscrapers surrounding it, mountains and bush behind.

Hong Kong City

  • Old style stone restaurant with old fashioned service at the Peak Look Out – vestige of the Raj.
  • HK Chris lunch Peak restaurant2The dilemma of desire for sleep fighting with the urge to explore.
  • A public transport system that causes one to fall in love with the blissful efficiency of it.
  • Signage that makes getting anywhere a breeze including being able to come off an international flight and get a train and shuttle to the hotel with minimum fuss and cost.
  • Two words – Dim Sum – Mmmmm Yummmmmmm.
  • Selfie sticks – my first experience – a scourge on the world!!!!! Well at least a lethal weapon. The sight of 8- 10 sticks in the air in a small corner of the Peak viewing area.


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