From the Bottom to the Top. Krakow to Gdansk

Starka Restaurant

Day 108 – 109  2nd and 3rd June 2017

3rd June Last Day in Krakow

Well all good things must come to an end and so it is with Krakow. We have had a great time in what is a very beautiful city – with its old town and green belt thankfully preserved through the centuries. We were also lucky enough to have access to an apartment about 10 minutes away from the city centre well served by trams and bus.

And finally we got to hang with Mr Benny the cutest little dachshund with a big personality and the flappiest ears, who we both came to love.

As a farewell lunch we chose to go to Starka in the Jewish quarter.

Last lunch in Krakow at Starka

Starka Restaurant



Day 109 3rd June 2017 Krakow to Gdansk

A splurge today as we decided to take the train first class to Gdansk – from one end of the country to the other. South to North. We also opted for the fast train which left later but was to arrive an hour or so earlier in Gdansk than the local train. After an hours delay this advantage was lost but still the comfort and space was lovely. It also made up for the confusion and wonder as we got off the first train at a Warsaw stop and waited for something to happen!

Once underway the countryside was almost Swiss with its greener than green fields and chalet like buildings.

Arriving in Gdansk we found our delightful apartment in the Old Town and set off to find a supermarket. Shopping done, laden with bags we decide to make a quick detour for dinner. There many hours later with have collected a young Englishman, an American and an array of others coming and going. We have had dinner, beer and Vodka. I celebrated a great night with my first meal of Wild Boar. All at Swojski Smak. We already love Gdansk!

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