Once Upon a Lachine – Montreal – Canada Day 63

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Day 63 Montreal Saturday 20 June

Got up early to go kayaking down the Lachine canal.We decided to walk down the street we are staying in. Dreary and industrial for most of the way. We finally came to the canal and walked along in to the H20 Adventures ‘put-in’ place.

One of the owners of H2O, kayaking company, Mar, took us down the canal and into a mixed landscape of decrepit old industrial buildings and trendy and expensive condos.

Blog63 KayakingA fun morning with a knowledgeable guide. We learnt a lot about Montreal, the Lachine canal and dinner spots!  The Canal in its day was the link between Europe and the markets of the USA. It was intended at first that it would lead to China hence the name. Eventually settling with Chicago as second best.

The tour included portage over a lock system, and lunch from food trucks at the end of the road (canal) for our kayaking.

After kayaking we decided to continue the outdoor theme. We had a wander and coffee at the Atwater Marche – the local market in a beautiful art deco building. Dripping with gorgeous food stalls, and outside a whole section of plants, the majority of which seemed to be hanging baskets – a large splash of colour.

While initially we had not planned on going – with time we then headed to the Biosphere on St Helene Island.

Expertly using our transport passes we got to the island along with a packed train of people. We were initially worried the Biosphere was the main attraction for the crowds. Luckily it was a beach and swimming pool on the warm summery day.

The Biosphere had some interesting exhibits, particularly “Outfits from a New Era” fashion made from recycled clothing – each had a theme. One costume was made from discarded Salmon skins. Yes it was refrigerated!

Blog63 Eco clothing

The structure of the Biosphere was a puzzle to me and I have not yet read up  on the answer. I had imagined it was created as an ecological system and we had read it had a sustainability focus. Billed as “the only environment museum in North America!”
Yet the structure is a dome structure – not enclosed. The exhibits were interesting but maybe after the museums we had been visiting we expected too much. From the promo we anticipated learning about new initiatives for sustainable living.

Easily got back via Subway to our stop – then got lost in the underground shopping and walking system which I read covers 32km, all underground. It is VERY confusing trying to find your way around without the usual markers.

Decided to have a lovely last night meal only to discover the top recommendations were booked out. Ended up just across the road and everything was perfect at the Hambar. Including wine by the glass to each of our tastes chosen by waiter who was exceptional. The highlight of the night for me was a cocktail waitress. Green hair, quirky black outfit, funny little curl of her mouth as she mixed a range of cocktails to order.

Once again Holly’s Pashmina saved the day – thrown over the shoulder to make me feel dressed for dinner!!

Back to earth = home + 2 loads of washing in preparation of our next adventure.

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