Iran Hiking Lake Neor to Sobotan

A beautiful hike from lake to mountains. From our campsite at Lake Neor to Sobotan the mountain side town of

Creative Sheep Shearing. Sobotan, Iran


Day 232   23 September 2017

An early misty morning start began with breakfast and discussion about the hike to Sobaton today. After breakfast we broke break camp and headed up into the hills. as a result of the breakfast discussion I opted for the “magic carpet” over the first kilometre or two. Travelling up the steep section in the 4WD where we met the rest of the group on top the misty mountain.

While long the day’s hike was beautiful with a few mishaps along the way but all arrived safely though tired at the end of the day.  Mustafa our local guide seemed more mountain goat than man as he hopped from rock peak to rock peak and rapidly passed along difficult trails. Always vigilant he took great care of the group.

One frightening moment during the day came when with slippery gravel and a narrow path one of the group slipped over the side. I was incensed that while our UK guide was right beside her (holding his extremely expensive camera) he watched on and  it was up to Mustafa to run the several hundred metres from the back of the group to bring her back on the path. Then thankfully heading back to guide Chris over the same tricky patch.

After the Initial tough walk up hills with beautiful views back over the lake,  the hike passed through valleys, trailed along rivers, travelled up and down mountains with stunning scenery and local life. Walking along ridges looking down into nomads holdings, breathtaking landscapes along a range of trails, roads and narrow passes.

Lunch was a simple but delicious picnic combination that included the inevitable boiled egg. After the long hike it was

As we came closer to Sobaton we came across sheep sheared in a magical way – in varying patterns looking like works of art.



Then further along as several of us at the back of the group began the final entry to Sobaton I somehow fell over, straight down on my face so with dust and blood and winded I sat on the path wishing for a quick magic carpet ride to the end!

I arrived a bit bruised and battered but we were all happy to reach our homestay. A family home above the valley with a room each for the men and women. It seemed to return us to schoolgirl dorm states with much giggling and chattering before bedtime.

Water was scarce but we managed quick and very satisfying showers.  Rather awestruck and definitely humbled to hear that Mustafa was immediately heading back over the trail we had taken a day to complete. He would be on foot and planned to do the 20kms in a couple of hours to be with his family.

Meanwhile we sat down to a shared feast prepared by the mother assisted by family – one of the best but then they were all the best. It really was too hard to choose.


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