Bye Bye London. Hallo Berlin!

Breakfast in Berlin

Day 90  15th – 16th May 2017

We caught up with Holly over breakfast on the canal near the View Tube where she works. Headed off to Stanstead  Airport which was manic – people in every nook and cranny possible. Before blasting off to Berlin on Ryanair.

We arrived about 10 pm and after fighting with a ticket machine, meeting up with a lost Canadian, managing to change Ubahn lines, we finally made it to Leopold Platz on the U-Bahn. We then had to pick up a key at a small shop walk a kilometre, open a main gate, walk through three quadrangles, open another door to block A7 climb three floors and fight with the final lock.

At this point we feel like Berliners!!! Basic AirBnB apartment nice and roomy, with lots of good info, snacks left by landlord, and a well equipped kitchen.

Waking in the morning we discovered an added bonus – sounds of children playing in what seemed like a childcare or kindergarten below our window,

Tomorrow has been declared a rest day!

Awaking in the morning on our declared rest day we realise food is absent so hunting and gathering is required. We set off on a beautiful sunny day to find much is closed until we turn into a street full of life and Turkish shops. A delicious Turkish breakfast later we shopped local and headed back for rest and relaxation in our apartment,

How convenient that shops including those selling alcohol are open 24hours. No need to go hungry or thirsty.

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