Sad and Glad – Leaving Moose Factory – Canada Day 58

Map of First Nation Communities in Ontario

Day 58 Moose Factory to Timmins Monday 15th June

Leaving today with very mixed feelings, a lot of new learnings and insights and a whole lot of bug bites.

Won’t miss the bugs! “No-see-ums” black flies – same size as our mosquitoes. They have mosquitoes – a giant slow version. Very little humming so you don’t know you are being eaten, they even bite through clothing. You quickly notice they particularly love necks, behind the ears and in hair. Leaving large welts behind.

Will miss – I don’t know what it is – hard to put into words but I felt emotional leaving – big lump in the throat emotional. It was the people we had met. The lives people shared with us. The lives people live and relished in this quiet remote area. Somehow something gets under your skin.
And so we reversed the trip of 4 days ago with a whole lot more – the water taxi across and walking up the main street of Moosenee. Stopped at the Skyranch for lunch/dinner and on to the station and the Polar Bear Express – this time knowing people sharing the train journey.



Main Street Moosenee

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