Music for a Bulgarian Road Trip

Music for a mountain drive


What a great way to discover Bulgarian music.

As we drove through, around and over mountains we had music to keep us company.  Along the way we learned a little about local music and musicians, found music we liked, mixed with some old favourites. Not only was Nadia an expert guide in the mountains, history and so much more – we also had a range of music complete with the stories accompanying each piece.

The old favourites album was a Rolling Stones album full of tracks we could singalong badly too.

Famously, Bulgarian music was up with the stars – literally!   Valya Mladenova Balkanska a renowned Bulgarian folk singer. Her recording of the song Izlel je Delyo hajdutin, was sent up as part of the Voyager Golden Record in the 1977 Voyager space probes. A musician and song who are now in space!

We also had our own favourites.

Mine was a sad sounding melody which had the final beautiful line –  “A beloved one grieves from morning till noon but a mother grieves for life (to the grave)”

Stefka Sabotinova – Prituri sa planinata


Chris’s was what he called the Taka Taka song where the chorus appealed.


Our go-to music while travelling in the car was a women’s choir The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices, with a range of Bulgarian folk and vocal styles,

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