New York New York. I Love You New York City.

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New York City. The Final Days of our amazing Canada Trip

Three days in what I believe is the best city in the world – with my best travel companion and best mate.

Three days where Chris felt the need to offer oxygen at regular intervals as Anne Marie and I talked without drawing breath.

Walking went along with the talking. Despite our previous visit we saw a new side of New York. As happened on our previous visit we walked our legs off. So here are the highlights:

Barney Greengrass - Smoked Salmon Delights NYC

Beer at the pop up bar on the river just down the road

Delicious Mexican with a difference served by wonderfully friendly women at Cascabel Taqueria


Smoked salmon at the legendary Barney Greengrass Walking across Brooklyn Bridge at sunset


New York Subway


Steamy New York subways entertained by all kinds of local activity including a chatty man doing sketches of people in this case Anne Marie. Adding a splash of gold at the last minute to a picture that bore no likeness whatsoever! I still have it!!


The Jane HotelCoffee and a quick tour of the lounges at the Jane Hotel – despite average reviews I would stay there. A long history of varying accommodations from seamens mission to YMCA and now a kind of over the top Bohemian hotel – just my style.


Walking the Highline an amazing walk through a public park built on a historic disused rail line above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. Built with a huge volunteer commitment.

A walk to Harlem and lunch amongst the quirky décor at Red Rooster – comfort food in all its deliciousness.

NYC McClunes


Living like a local with my lovely friend and family in a New York apartment. Lots of laughs, beers, talking, music videos and hot August nights (I know not original but true).




Central Park NYC


Walking through and round and getting lost in Central Park  – well the last bit caused a few tense moments in the heat of New York midsummer but we made it.




A late night walk around the 9/11 site and memorial.

9/11 Memorial

And finally, reluctantly, sadly – leaving. A final drop of Champagne at the airport and onto the wonderful Cathay Pacific to wing us ever so reluctantly homeward.

The Last Moment of Our Wonderful Trip

The Last Moment of Our Wonderful Trip

More New York Photos HERE

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