Planning the Getaway

Red maple leaf on white background

For the last twelve months we have been plotting and planning our trip to Canada. Initially for 3 months we extended to 4 months and still cannot fit in all we want to see.

While poring over maps we realise that Canada is not unlike Australia in that the population is scattered across a large country. Also we have found it challenging to try and makes sure that transport fits our aspirational travel plans.

We began with a list of what we want to see. Assisted by an Excel spreadsheet we have developed an itinerary and moved places and dates around according to what is possible. A list of places discarded is kept just in case – these include places such as Niagara Falls (again), Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Saguenay, the Yukon and many more.

Anyway with 2015 looming and the end of a full time job we are now really believing that the Great Escape will be everything we want it to be.

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