6 Miles Downhill – Canada Day 68

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Day 68 Quebec Cycling Tour Thursday 25th June 2015

By Chris

Today is the last day of riding and again we had to cross the border. This time is a lot easier as my new best friend of Homeland Security, Officer Richardson is on duty and does a face check. After acknowledging that she has seen us before, lets us through.

Steve unloads and gives us instruction at the top of Jay Peak. We coast down for what seems like forever (6 miles) -but after yesterday my butt hurts and I am glad not to be pedalling.

Blog68 covered bridge

We check in at the bottom Mel has had issues with noisy brakes. Stephen shows Mel and I a covered bridge off the track whilst the group carry on.


Blog68 buildings

I use the time to try and take some photos which give a different perspective of the bridges and also to get some shots of the barns in the area that we bike through.


We end up in the town of Enosburg Falls which is quite big by comparison of some of the towns we have cycled through.

Lunch in the park with some of our new cycling American friends celebrating the Supreme Court decision which seems to mean that Obamacare is now safe from further litigation. Whilst not as big in news terms as the decision which will come the next day these people thought it was a major victory for Obama and a great thing to have happened.

Blog68 me cyclingWe continue our ride down a ‘rail to trail” which means that we have the track all to ourselves with no cars. We ride through fields and see a few other cyclists.
We stop at one point to see a rainbow “stripe” in the sky (oddly prescient)- the image above.

and then continue on to the “Abbey” a pub!  The group is mostly all there around the bar sitting in very comfortable easy chairs-very welcome relief to painful buttocks.

Blog68 Joy, lisa me
We return to Glen Sutton and have another spectacular dinner and then repair to the back room for a music recital.

The entertainer is Ginette, who we have known as a major influence in the kitchen.

Tonight we see her in a completely different role as a pianist and singer of outstanding quality.She performs French folk songs, Cat Stevens, Leonard Cohen and Opera excerpts. She receives a standing ovation and everybody declares it a fitting end to a great week.

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