That Famous Rocky Mountaineer – Canada Day 14

 RM4 Boarding the Rocky MountaineerDay 14. Rocky Mountaineer Vancouver to Kamloops. Friday 1st May 2015

Ann kindly drove us to the station – which turned out to be the wrong station!

Piped AboardWe asked a security guy who told us that there would be a bus to pick us up.We continued to be puzzled about the lack of specific signage relating to the Rocky Mountaineer.We finally phoned and were told to grab a cab quick!!

We did.

To a specific purpose built hangar. Complete with a grand piano, piper and smiling attendants who grabbed your bags and checked you in.

As the train left the station all the check-in staff lined up and waved the train off complete with flags completely over the top.


RM staffThe rest of the day has passed in a frenzy of scenery, luxury and over abundant food.

Each train car has its own crew in ours it was David, Sam and Chelsea, young Canadians, who seemed to love their job. Each went out of their way to look after us.

The (co-) operation is so slick you can’t fault it.


Fascist pig pilsenerArrived in Kamloops walked around the town not much to see.Went to Frick and Frack a pub with 130 beers-not a great atmosphere.Went on to the Noble Pig which served craft beer. My favourite was ‘Fascist Pig Pilsner’ which I of course had to have ! Then “pigged out” on Mac and cheese-delicious.



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