SGang Gwaay – Canada Day 38

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Day 38 Gwaii Haanas Monday 25rd May 2015

Reached the southern most point we would be travelling too and the village that is UNESCO Heritage protected SGang Gwaay

Blog38 SGaay combined
We met Watchmen Walter and James at what appeared to be a rudimentary camp site – a kitchen without cover. Discovered the temporary kitchen tent had been sent to Nepal after the earthquake!

James took us through the village sharing an extensive volume of knowledge and history as we went through.

On return to the Watchmen quarters we met Ken a quietly spoken well known carver. A cedar carving he was working on lay on the chair. Ken was wearing a beautiful traditional copper shield necklace.

Blog38 5 forest walk

Walked through back of village – potato garden, berries, nettle through forest and into narrow path between rocks to beach.

Blog38 6 rock canyon

At the waters edge we met an older man loading a small boat with stuff salvaged from building demolition. Long grey beard with beads threaded through. Ryan explained this was Gotz one of the three residents of Rose Harbour whom we would meet again the following night.

With great anticipation Amanda and Chris hauled in the crab pots – 1 large crab returned to the sea lucky crab would not feed 7.

Hoping for better we set out prawn traps to return to tomorrow.

Blog38 Crabbing combined

Anchored at Rose Inlet for the evening and another evening kayak before dinner.


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