Oops No We Don’t Want Pig’s Ears for breakfast! Trans-Siberian Yekinterinberg

Day 22 March 6th  2017 Train to Yekinteringberg


A 36 hour train ride of bliss. A time to read, think, watch the scenery go by, listen to books, talk, do nothing.  Then curl up in a clean comfortable if somewhat narrow bed and be rocked to sleep.

Another First Class cabin with even more comfortable beds. As always a large urn of endless hot water at the end of the carriage and basic toilet at each end. Discovered there may also be use of a microwave but could not work out how to ask about that one.

Beautiful start to the morning with endless fairytale like scenes out our window of trees covered with snow interspersed with expansive flat snow-covered lands.

Amusing interactions with catering staff using Google translate to order meals -a real benefit despite being entirely unsuccessful!

No departures, tours or arrivals this morning so a long lie in. Eventually struggled down to the bright green upholstered café car and our waitress from the previous night with an equally exotic helper. Both with long immaculately manicured nails, make-up mirror on the work table, short black skirts and streamed pop music to entertain them. The breakfast order of last night had got a little lost in translation but I got my rice porridge and Chris’s face showed some disappointment when his “ham and cheese” turned out to be not the delicious toastie he imagined but half a cold English muffin with a slice of cheese and pressed meat.



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