Bed & Breakfast Extraordinaire – Canada Day 5

1 breakfast Albion Manor

Day 5 Victoria, BC – Wednesday 22 April 2015

Ohhh the brekky – sumptuous is a bit of a cliché yet it was. Every piece of cutlery and china on the table was a piece of antique beauty.

Firstly the wait and anticipation sitting in the “Drawing Room” until invited in. Then:

Fresh baked goods from Thomas,

Fresh fruit dish from Billy

And a perfect little mound of scrambled eggs on rosti.


We shared the table with a young couple from Boston who gave us valuable travel tips should we get to Boston.

After brekky it was walk time and walk we did. Walked till I became impatient and grumpy! Tired, sore, over it. Chris as always still chipper and fresh. Walked till the end of the day and then some.

Firstly a tour through local streets to Beacon Hill Park.  Awash with tulips, and one corner a wild meadow of grasses and wildflowers. Specific task was to find Emily Carr’s house which was achieved but it was closed.

4 EmilyCarr House

In our walking we passed through a street marked on the map as part of the ‘Galloping Goose Trail’ We were not sure what that meant but this section was a strip of interesting food and specialist shops. No stopping despite the yummy smells as the huge breakfast was still evident.

7 Emily CarrThe Gallery was our priority destination. Victoria Art Gallery, a beautiful small gallery where a small collection of Emily Carr’s works are held along with artists she mentored and befriended.

Lots of books and additional history on her life you can sit and read as well.

For me a bonus discovery was that there was also a Marimekko exhibition entitled
“Marimekko With Love”. A history of the company and the designs with fabrics and clothing displayed.

Left the gallery with Thomas’s words in our head “Always walk down Fort Street” – off we went.

Heading for Chinatown and a recommendation by Billy at Albion Manor – Fan Tan Café in the old Chinese part of town: Fan Tan Alley.  It was recommended we eat War Won Ton:

Wor Won-Ton (best in town) med $11.50 lg $20
chicken, prawns, BBQ pork & assorted vegetables

Did as we were told. Quite delicious, and as always 1 serve was more than enough for us both. A sort of cross between Pho’ and Won Ton soup.

Wandered through the streets of the old town to the Royal BC Museum. Unbelievable and well deserved of its world class reputation. Despite energy flagging we spent a lengthy time in the museum and the First Nation areas with an extensive archeology section. An introduction to the Haida people who would become more familiar to us as we travelled Haida Gwaii.

A feathery delicious bed in the Bed and Breakfast against which all others would be judged – and come up wanting!

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