Giant Ferris Wheels and KillBill

Giant Ferris Wheel Yokohame

Yokohama Japan October 14th

Despite being here only a couple of days – the washing pile comprised most of the contents of our packs. It also seemed appealing to wash every stitch of clothing from the flight and start again. Where do we start!

Washing machine – well the good news was it was just at the end of our hallway. Then came the challenge – the writing was all in Japanese characters. Bright idea – use the new translator app – after one piece of writing translated as “dirty frog-mouth” we gave up.

From the front desk we discovered the washing detergent was a built in dispenser! Eventually trusted the washing goddess and put all the washing in, inserted coins pressed the only apparent button and hoped. Though not so sure about the detergent dispenser, our clothes may have washed in plain H2O. Still it appeared to work so did the same for the drier – and again success.

Blog PikachuThe main, and much anticipated outing was an evening trip to Tokyo and dinner at the Gonpachi “KillBill” restaurant. We were meeting Cam and Yuko at Minato Mirai at 3pm. First a walk along the river front and through the amusement park.


First stop on our walk to meet Cam and Yuko was the Giant Ferris Wheel known as Cosmo Clock 21.

I have no fear of heights but standing under this Ferris Wheel was a little daunting. Once the worlds largest, it was still close to it. The ride was a fantastic, slow visual feast of Yokohama below us. Generously each couple or group was given there own cabin. Photo opp extraordinaire!

Yokohama Giant Ferris Wheel Collage

After the Ferris wheel it was time for lunch. Choosing is tricky. We used the criteria that one restaurant in the large collection was full and bustling. Sat next to an older woman – I spoke no Japanese, she spoke no English but she managed to instruct me in the way of ordering and eating. Sliding pickles and sauces across to us at appropriate times. Huge bowl of Udon noodle soup at Ippudo Ramen restaurant in Queens Square.

First dip of our toes in the Tokyo city chaos was made much easier with our local ‘guides’ quickly name YC Tours. An easy train ride given we had two excellent guides.  We then met up with 5 of Cam’s friends who had arrived for the wedding. And then onwards to Gonpachi (KillBill) restaurant.

Gonpachi KillBill Restaurant

Very enjoyable night. Enjoyed the food aided by the atmosphere and the fun at the table. Definitely a fusion kind of menu and probably developed for the likes of us who visit because of its brush with fame. Two favourites were Gyoza Pizza and Asparagus wrapped in bacon with an Asian twist.

Blog intercontinentalAfter dinner we headed off to the Intercontinental hotel for a nightcap and view over Tokyo. A particularly nice view from the Ladies Toilet (see above)

I ordered a glass of French Chardonnay and the young waitress came back with a bottle to display – apologising the French Chardy had run out but they had an alternative – a Coldstream Hills Chardonnay – would this be OK?  Funny to be drinking a neighbourhood Yarra Valley wine in a very different country. It did seem a good alternative to the Whisky Sours the boys all ordered then didn’t like.

Amazed to find a full train – standing room only – to Yokohama at around 10pm. People coming home from work!

More Photos of Our Day


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