Question: How many degrees were there in Cambridge today?

King’s College,University of Cambridge-from the River

Day 42 March 28th 2017 Cambridge


Off to Cambridge today, unfortunately Holly couldn’t join us as she had to work. Hopped on the train going through every station known to personkind but at £9 (normal £24) a ticket who cares? Train tip for the UK use The TrainLine 

After leaving our bags at the Youth Hostel we would be staying overnight and with map in hand we set off to explore. Came to a cute pub with a lunch special and though a little dubious we ventured in to find a lovely outdoor area backing onto a green and a simple but delicious lunch.

Had an informative punt ride down the Cam through an area known as The Backs which is the best way to see the university as it stretches along the river. We passed all the main colleges with our guide giving us a great commentary along the way. The ride was very peaceful once we navigated through bedlam as many young people and beginners punting on the river descended all at once. As they scattered across the river-our punter pushed his way through very elegantly.

What can one say about Cambridge University-it has been around for over eight hundred years has won 95 Noble prizes and has thirty one buildings scattered over the city.


Walked home via the Salisbury Arms where we had a tipple and then headed back to the YHA for dinner and comfortable bunk beds for the night.

Answer: Too many to count.

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